30 Hacks to Make Packing and Moving to a New Home Easier

Packing boxes for moving

Whether you’re moving to Boise, or anywhere else, anyone who has done it before knows moving can be extremely overwhelming. The worst part of it all? Some people would say, “Packing!” The longer you put it off, the worse it becomes. The best thing you can do is start packing early. You could also use the following 30 hacks to help you save time, money, and maybe even your sanity!

  1. Ask local retailers and businesses for their gently used boxes. They usually throw them out anyway. You should also check on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for people giving away their used moving boxes. 
  2. Protect fragile items with old magazines and newspapers instead of packing peanuts.
  3. Label boxes with which room they belong to. Using a different tape color for each room will help you unload boxes quickly.
  4. Avoid packing things from multiple rooms into one box. Keep each room’s items boxed separately. 
  5. Label the sides of the boxes as well as the tops of the boxes so you can read the labels even when the boxes are stacked.
  6. Write the contents of each box on the box, or keep an inventory list, especially if you think you may need the items sooner than later. Search for the item you need in the document, and you’ll know which box to open!
  7. Make lifting boxes easier by using a box cutter to create handles for your boxes that don’t have any.
  8. Pack breakable plates vertically, like you would in a dish rack, to help prevent damaging them. Place a piece of bubble wrap or cardboard between each plate for even more protection.
  9. Wrap dishes and other fragile items in clothing or linens when you pack them. You save on bubble wrap and pack t-shirts at the same time!
  10. Put stemware glasses in socks for extra protection.
  11. Use wine cases for glassware. They can be found at your local bar, winery, and even some grocery stores. It’s easy to stuff some newspaper in each compartment so there’s some padding to protect them.
  12. Wrap your utensils organizer with plastic wrap to keep your kitchen utensils organized and in one place.
  13. Fill up pots and pans with spices containers, dish towels, and other kitchen items to save space.
  14. To prevent injuries while unpacking, pack knives inside an old oven mitt.
  15. If you’re moving your refrigerator, wrap your refrigerator and freezer in plastic wrap to keep the doors from opening during transit. Also, to avoid leaks and bad smells, defrost your fridge thoroughly the night before your move.
  16. Keep pots and lids together with rubber bands.
  17. Cover any liquids with plastic wrap before screwing on the lid on to prevent spills and messes.
  18. Keep all screws and hardware in a labeled Ziploc bag if you disassemble any furniture. Tape the bag to the furniture itself or have a designated box to keep all the labeled hardware for your furniture in.
  19. Put jewelry in Ziplock bags to keep them together and organized.
  20. Instead of packing the contents of your dresser into another box, use Cling Wrap to wrap the dresser drawers closed. Your dresser has become its moving box.
  21. Boxes of books get heavy. Pack books inside suitcases instead to make transport easier.
  22. While your clothes are still hanging in the closet, group as many as will fit together and put them in a trash bag to simplify unpacking.
  23. Invest in vacuum sealing bags to maximize your storage space and minimize your boxes.
  24. Use suitcases, laundry baskets, and trash bins as boxes. Linens can be packed in laundry baskets, boxes of garbage bags and cleaners can be packed in trash bins, etc.
  25. Pack pillows and blankets in garbage bags. It will help keep them clean, you don’t waste another box, they are easy to find and unpack, and you can use them as padding between furniture in the moving truck.
  26. Label loose cords. Use a piece of duct tape with the name of the appliance the cord belongs to and wrap it around the cord.
  27. Wrap electronic wires around paper towel rolls to avoid a tangled mess.
  28. Take a picture of the back of your TV and other electronic devices. This way, when setting them back up, you will know exactly which wires go where and avoid the headache of guessing.
  29. Pack your essentials last. Tool belts, overnight bags, toiletries, pet needs, and baby needs should all go into your car last so they are easy for you to get to if you need them.
  30. To avoid constant back-and-forth trips, pack and unpack boxes by room. This is especially a life saver if you have stairs!

Moving to a new home can be a lot of work, but if you take a little time to get organized and use some of these 30 moving hacks, you can ensure that your next move will go a little more smoothly. 


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